Frequently Asked Questions

Montreal is Canada's second most populous municipality in and the most populous province of Quebec. This is a French-speaking city, a cosmopolitan celebration of Québécois style and cultural capital of Canada. The following are the frequently asked questions of Montreal.

Why should I go to Montreal?

It’s only a single word that can tell the Montreal story and that word is “Multifaceted”. This is a city that properly epitomizes the blending of the new and old worlds and this is clear with the 18th-century buildings that blend well with the 21st-century skyline.

What iconic places and structures can I see in Montreal?

Your tour of Montreal should start along Vieux-Montreal, the place with old cobblestone streets.
This is the best place to see the historic cathedrals. You can also grab a cappuccino along Boulevard Saint-Laurent in one of the French Cafes. Montreal’s top attractions include the buzzing marketplaces and world-class museums. A stroll during the day takes you to the picturesque 18th-century facades of Old Montreal, the dazzling restaurants, and shops of downtown Montreal, cycling tours of the amazing Canal de Lachine before culminating at the terraced cafes of Plateau Mont-Royal. This city’s architectural scene is amazing and you will be astonished by the heritage churches such as the Basilique Notre-Dame, the Habitat 67 and the Stade Olympique.

How is the Montreal cuisine like?

Montreal is a food capital where you will find temples dedicated to poutine, Kamouraska lamb, and Arctic char. You will find irresistible pastries, the famous bagels, 80-year-old Jewish delis, English pubs and magnificent food markets that depict Paris.

Other than history and food? What else can I do in Montreal?

If you’ve had enough of Montreal history and food scene, head to downtown Montreal for late shopping or to Parc du Mont-Royal for a hike. Whatever you do, just make sure you have some energy left to enjoy the Montreal nightlife, especially on rue St-Denis where parties go on until the morning. Montreal is Canada’s cultural juggernaut, the festivals show the city’s diversity and this is where comedy, cinema and gay pride parties thrive. With over 250 dance companies, theaters and more than 90 festivals, the city of Montreal has an army of artists, musicians, and writers who have cemented the city’s reputation as an arts center.

Will I enjoy Montreal during winter?

Winter might seem dull in other places but not in Montreal. This season is fêted in friendly pubs, steaming sugar-shacks, cozy fireplaces and on the slopes of local mountains via snowboards, skis, and toboggans.

How is the Montreal nightlife like during winter?

Most of the tourists visit Montreal during the warmer months but the nightlife is still booming during winter. You can meet the Montreal locals during winter especially on big parties like New Years Eve.

What advice would you give to someone who is moving to Montréal?

• Learn French
• Be prepared for a tough winter season
• Enjoy the summer as it’s the best time to be in Montreal
• Attend everything that you can i.e. shows, festivals, parties, there’s nothing better than these events
• Try the bars in the downtown area, the Montreal nightlife is amazing
• Explore every part of the city as its one of the most beautiful in the world
• Be open minded
• Dwell with the locals to enjoy the cultural diversity nature of Montreal.
• Try poutine.